Introducing GrokTalk, Grokker’s New Communications Feature

Social interaction has been shown in numerous research studies to have a direct impact on personal wellbeing. In fact, 48% of healthcare leaders say that virtual social support is the most effective means of sustaining behavior change required for wellness promotion. But even from the conventional wisdom point of view, a supportive community makes an employee’s wellbeing journey more fun, motivating, and effective. 

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Full Speed Ahead: Grokker Takes Home 3 Industry Awards in 1Q19

Grokker is off to a running start! We’ve been working hard to ensure our workforce wellbeing solution meets the needs of today’s employees and their HR leaders — and industry movers and shakers are taking notice. We're thankful and proud. It’s certainly an exciting time to serve the HR marketplace with cutting-edge technologies that engage employees and make it easy for them to feel their best. 

“As an employer, you will lose [employees] if you don’t give them permission and the tools to take care of themselves,” Grokker’s Founder and CEO, Lorna Borenstein explains. “They want to feel encouraged, guided and connected, and they want to work for a company that cares about them as a whole person.” Grokker’s tool, she continues, “gives employees around the world tools they will actually want to use, helping them to be present and productive in the workplace.”

Let’s take a look at how Grokker, under Borenstein’s inspiring leadership, is making a splash in the industry award circuit:

TekTonic Awards

Tektonic_AwardsGrokker is a finalist in HRO Today Forum’s TekTonic Awards, which recognize innovation and disruption in the world of technology. Industry professionals look to finalists, like Grokker, as shining examples of HR technologies offering meaningful, convenient, and multi-faceted experiences to today’s employees. This year’s TekTonic Award finalists, according to HRO Today, are “leading the charge” to empower HR for the future of work.

2019 Digital Innovators

EBN-3Employee Benefit News named Lorna Borenstein among their
twenty 2019 Digital Innovators for her transformative work driving new technologies and making innovation possible in the HR benefits space. By aiming to  make the pursuit of wellbeing fun, user-friendly, and accessible via a customized employee experience, Grokker holds a unique position in the changing marketplace.

2019 Top 100 HR Tech Influencers

Top100HRTechInfluencersSeal-2019-250x250Lorna Borenstein is also honored with a place on the list of Human Resource Executive magazine’s 2019 Top 100 HR Technology Influencers, individuals who have shaped the world of HR technology and, importantly, are helping to determine its future. Under the leadership of executives like Borenstein, HR technology products like Grokker will impact thousands of employers and millions of employees, influencing research and development efforts across the industry.


The entire Grokker team is incredibly proud of these accolades — and we’re inspired to keep up the great work to help support customers’ efforts to promote wellbeing in the workplace and delight employees with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Corrie Mieszczak
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Corrie Mieszczak
As Grokker's Senior Content and Communications Manager, Corrie makes sure the company's internal and external customers have the marketing materials they need to succeed. She stays healthy by getting lots of sleep and staying active with her two kids.
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Introducing GrokTalk, Grokker’s New Communications Feature

Social interaction has been shown in numerous research studies to have a direct impact on personal wellbeing. In fact, 48% of healthcare leaders say t...

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