Introducing GrokTalk, Grokker’s New Communications Feature

Social interaction has been shown in numerous research studies to have a direct impact on personal wellbeing. In fact, 48% of healthcare leaders say that virtual social support is the most effective means of sustaining behavior change required for wellness promotion. But even from the conventional wisdom point of view, a supportive community makes an employee’s wellbeing journey more fun, motivating, and effective. 

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Culture, Make It Personal!

I’m going to suggest something that to some of you may feel like I’m asking you to run through the cafeteria naked. Deep breaths. Here we go.

The key to creating a company culture that will attract and retain employees is remarkably simple, yet requires an enormous amount of courage. It runs against the core of most existing corporate norms and does not need to be displayed in your headquarters lobby. Plus, it’s free.

To create a winning culture you must do one thing above all else…

Make it personal.

Make your work personal; make your connections with your colleagues personal; make your culture personal; make the benefits you offer your employees personal.

I’ve worked with some of Silicon Valley’s most recognizable leaders at some of its most successful companies, and trust me when I say that nothing, NOTHING, is going to motivate employees to engage as well as making it personal.

When you make your employees and their families the focal point of your company, you create a community. Not just a company culture, but a community of people who genuinely care about each other and their well being. Humans are social animals. In the days of smartphones and social media, we crave community more than ever.

What would happen if you made something personal today? If you let down your guard and revealed a personal problem to a coworker? If you asked after an employee’s family? If you started to create a culture where you could bring your whole self to work every day?

We’re going to help you get there. At Grokker, we believe in cultures that embrace their employees and create an environment where they come first. We help our clients look after their employees’ total well being: their physical, emotional, and spiritual self. The natural result is dedicated, engaged employees, and an enviable company culture that attracts top talent.

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce the Grokker wellness blog. We’ve created this space for everyone charged with the important task of defining the company culture and nurturing its employees. We’ll be sharing actionable ideas and tips, real world examples, and personal stories from Grokker, our clients, and my network of fellow leaders to help you in your own culture journey.

When you make your culture personal, it cannot be outsourced, borrowed, or copied. It must come from within you and your leadership, and be completely authentic.

Here’s your first task: Find some way this week to “make it personal” and report back. Let’s change workplace culture to one that takes care of its employees and values their health and well being. It is personal - so why pretend otherwise?

Lorna Borenstein
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Lorna Borenstein
Lorna Borenstein is the Founder and CEO of Grokker, an on-demand total wellness program that engages employees with better health through video, experts, and community.
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Introducing GrokTalk, Grokker’s New Communications Feature

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