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What is Grokker?

Grokker guides employees through daily habit changing behaviors that connect, motivate, and engage your whole team to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Employees stay healthy with a personalized program that includes yoga, fitness, healthy eating, and meditation classes from the world's best experts.

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Case Study: How Pinterest is building an amazing culture.

Find out how Pinterest is putting wellness at the center of their corporate culture.

"I absolutely would recommend Grokker to others. It's super simple and easy to use. The benefits are obvious. So far it's been a great experience."

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Monday Morning Mindfulness: 5 Steps to Success

LinkedIn and Hangouts and Slack  — oh my! With an ever-expanding set of real-time workplace communication tools, the constant and competing demands on employees are greater than ever before. How can employees effectively tune in to what they need to focus on, and, perhaps more importantly, tune out what they don’t? The answer is mindfulness.

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Culture, Make It Personal!

I’m going to suggest something that to some of you may feel like I’m asking you to run through the cafeteria naked. Deep breaths. Here we go.

The key to creating a company culture that will attract and retain employees is remarkably simple, yet requires an enormous amount of courage. It runs against the core of most existing corporate norms and does not need to be displayed in your headquarters lobby. Plus, it’s free.

To create a winning culture you must do one thing above all else…

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Survey Monkey Chooses Grokker's Wellness Program for Its Global Workforce

Grokker, the personalized wellness service for busy people on-the-go, today announced that SurveyMonkey will now offer Grokker’s engaging, flexible video content to inspire the company’s 800 global employees to be their best self.

“One of our biggest HR challenges is how to engage a dispersed, global team with corporate benefits that will ultimately attract and retain the best talent,” said Yuki Horiguchi, senior director of compensation and benefits at SurveyMonkey. “The fact that Grokker is available on any device, at any time and designed specifically for busy professionals means that all of our global employees can take advantage of this new benefit, and find the time to incorporate wellbeing into their everyday life.”

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How to Cultivate an Amazing Culture: Secrets from Silicon Valley's Top Business Leaders.

A conversation with two of Silicon Valley's renowned culture builders. Learn from Lorna's 7 Tips to an Amazing Culture and hear the latest insights from Lifelock CEO Hilary Schenider on why wellness should be core to your culture

  • Why businesses everywhere now realize the importance of an amazing culture and the reality that most of us are still not getting it right.
  • The simple secret to building effective culture - Putting your people and their family first.
  • The natural place for wellness - At the center of your culture.
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Your Job May Be Killing You And Your Bottom Line: Helping employees beat stress related illness

The old saying “my job is killing me” may really be true. New studies featured by Harvard Business School in “The Relationship Between Workplace Stressors and Mortality and Health Costs in the United States” by Joel Goh, show stress at work is responsible for about $190 billion in healthcare costs in the United States.*

Every single year, there are at least 450 million days of missed work for full-time workers. The result? Lost revenue, to the tune of billions, and increased stress for workers and business owners, who all suffer under the weight of the sickening side-effects of stress induced illness in the workplace. Issues such as high-blood pressure, mental illness, drug abuse, alcoholism, and other stress created illnesses plague the American workplace.

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5 Tips To Jump Start Your Wellness Programs

Reap the rewards of a culture of wellness in the workplace.

Every disruption has its upside, and in today’s workplace, that’s good news since change is the mantra being heard from every sector of business. But embracing change is quite challenging for most managers and business owners. How do you please the Millennials, who comprise more than one of three in the workforce, and also offer something worthwhile that will benefit all members of your staff? Businesses are realizing the importance of an amazing culture but the reality is that most are still not getting it right.

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