Find Work-life Balance Through Partnership

As a working mom and wife, I struggle like so many others with finding work-life balance. And it’s not just me that struggles; my husband does as well. Clearly, the challenge of attaining work-life balance isn’t gender specific.  Anne Marie Slaughter expressed it so well in her Tufts University commencement speech, she says that the only way to balance the scales is to balance the work/home roles.

Slaughter asked graduates to imagine marriage as a partnership, where "breadwinner" and "caretaker" shift fluidly between both partners. Here is more of her advice:

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Why Doing Nothing is Something Seriously Important

Call it idleness, resting, or just being lazy, but I bet you didn’t know that doing nothing is one of the most important things you can do in your day?

Everyone’s too busy. In today’s world, if you’re not “busy” you must be unpopular, or at the least, unimportant. How dare you show any vacant slots on your calendar for coworkers to see; or offer more than a smidgen of a window of time that you are available to meet up with a friend. Nobody in our overly productive culture today would dare admit to purposely making space in their day to do nothing.

But that’s exactly what neuroscientists, medical experts and mental health professionals want us to do ASAP.

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Practicing Mindfulness – What? Why? How?

You may have been hearing a lot of buzz around “mindfulness” and wondering, what is it? Why should I care? And how would I practice it if I wanted to? Here’s the quick “What”, “Why” and “How” to get you started.

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Find Ways to Love Your Job

You spend a significant part of your life working so it’s critical to find a way to enjoy your work or make peace with the pieces you don’t before it breaks you. But leaving your job may not be the answer either.

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Increase Employee Engagement Through Work Life Balance

In an earlier post I talked about how entrepreneurs need to make work life balance as high a priority as shipping their product. And it should come as no surprise to anyone that work life balance is just as important for the entire team as it is for its leader.

It is obvious that increasing a team’s wellness lowers health costs for the business and increases productivity because of fewer sick days. An even more impactful benefit can also come from increased employee engagement.

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