6 Ultra-Engaging Health & Wellness Holidays to Promote in Your Workplace in Q1 2019

Get ready to mark your employee communications calendar—and cross-reference with your wellbeing program—because we’ve got a list of health and wellness holidays you’ll want to promote in the first quarter of 2019!

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4 Things Successful People Do on the Weekends

At the end of a long work week I often find myself resisting the urge to collapse from exhaustion. It’s so tempting to think about the weekend as a time to sleep in and binge on my favorite TV shows. As relaxing as it sounds, I know these habits aren’t helping me lead a healthy life.

Instead, I’m turning this weekend into my secret weapon for professional success and I’m inviting YOU to do the same!

Here are 4 ways I’m making this happen:

Volunteer and socialize

We all have one thing in common as human beings. We’re social! It turns out being social actually helps us lead happier lives (seriously). For a lot of us, including me, we don’t have time during the week to socialize with friends and family so we use our weekends to get our social fill.

Now, I don’t mean you should scroll for hours through Facebook or Instagram (but if you do, check us out). I’m talking about creating real, genuine interactions with other human beings.

This weekend, sign up for a volunteer opportunity. Love animals? Many adoption centers rely greatly on the help of their volunteers. PLUS, you can get some much needed puppy cuddles in. Who doesn’t want that?

Not so interested in animals? That’s okay! Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter, the options are endless. Who knows, your experience might even reshape your perspective on your community and help you foster a stronger sense of gratitude.
Even if you can’t commit to volunteering, make time this weekend to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Move your body

Between meeting your work demands and making sure your personal life stays afloat, it can be hard to fit in a workout during the workweek. If you can’t commit to exercising 4-5 times during the week, exercising on the weekends will help you clear your mind and create fresh ideas for the work week ahead.

In fact, successful people (like you and me) make space for activities that add to their work-life balance.

When I workout I like to get the biggest bang for my buck so HIIT, Tabata and Power Yoga classes are at the top of my list. A few of my Grokker favorites are: 30 Minute HIIT Workout #1, 40-minute Energizing Flow, and Cardio HIIT Plyometrics.

Unplug to unwind

For many of us, ditching our phones over the weekend feels nearly impossible! What if something happens while I’m away and I can’t jump in to fix the problem? Breaking this habit can be harder than it seems.

Turns out, even the most successful people avoid checking their email for a period of time. If you can’t commit to the whole weekend, that’s okay! Try leaving your phone at home when you got for a walk – it can feel quite liberating.

Recharge and reflect

Practicing self-care and allowing yourself time to reflect on your recent accomplishments is key to your personal and professional growth. Use your weekends to get introspective and reflect on the larger picture.

You can practice self-reflection in anyway that feels good for you. Here are two things I like to do: meditate and write in my journal. I’m actually quite terrible at sitting quietly for long periods of time so I need guided meditations to set me up. A few of my Grokker favorites are: Clear Mind Meditation,  Healing Meditation, and Fearlessness Meditation.

After I complete a mediation, I find this is the best time to write in my journal. Even if I can only commit to five minutes of writing, I find this to be the most effective at helping me let go and recharge.

So there you have it! 4 ways you can make this weekend your MOST successful yet. Remember, use this weekend to set yourself up for a productive Monday and week ahead.

I would love to hear how you spend your weekends. Write me in the comments below!

Britteny Salvador
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